Kitchen Babysitter Fuck

When you have a gaggle of screaming youngsters around your house all the time, it’s extremely difficult to find the time to meet a young cutie to spend time with, let alone build the rapport to get a good fuck in. But what if that potential good fuck is hanging around the house all the time? You know, as in, the babysitter?!

And sure, you’ll need to be quite crafty to sneak around without mama bear catching on, but a man with “needs” is quite crafty indeed!

While mama was out running errands, papa had a few errands of his own on the mind!

She wouldn’t be gone long, and miraculously she took the kids with her on this quick trip, it only left for a small window of time to sneak in the quickie that was well overdue.

All alone in the kitchen, cute babysitter with an ass that was begging for a pounding, knew exactly how to take advantage of the situation by bending over the sink and popping that booty to take every inch of that cock deep!

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